Petra van der Schoot in Den Haag

Petra van den Schoot started with a video and started directing works and writing concepts for (music)theatres in 1995.

Over Petra van der Schoot

Petra van der Schoot valt onder de rubriek kunstenaar in Den Haag.

In 1987 Studied Petra van der Schoot Sculpture and Graduated from the academie of Visual Arts ST Joost in Breda. She also studied in these years to the Violoncello at the Brabants and Royal Conservatorium. After she graduated in 1987 from the Art academy she started her research at the Royal Conservarium in The Haque with artist, composer, theorist and theatre maker Dick Raaijmakers as her mentor, to develop a personal mentality and attitude towards bringing together Music and Image in various new forms researching different media. During these years 1987-1992 she worked as well as a musician and an artist with jazz musicians, theatre makers, choreographers and young composers to personally study the relationship between new music and other disciplines in art: especially the relationship between language, sound and image.

As a visual artist, She started her research on mentality by creating graphic artwork based on principles of music: so called ‘scores in installation works and sculptures in which she reflects on images as they come from a more inner ritual and physical awareness understanding of the world. She started with a video and started directing works and writing concepts for (music)theatres in 1995.

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Petra van der Schoot uit de rubriek kunstenaar uit Den Haag is gevestigd aan de Witte de Withstraat 107 in Den Haag. Voor meer informatie kunt u bellen naar het telefoonnummer 070-3600284.

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